Natural & Sustainable.

By our daily business activity we responsibly contribute to careful planning and developing the future of humans and environment. This includes the use of regional, renewable raw materials and local sourcing. Our business operation demonstrates that local production can be combined with marketing through-out Europe in a fair and environmentally friendly way. We live and breathe sustainability.

Facts & Figures

Founded in 1978 by Dieter Storr & family-owned since then, meanwhile managed by Alexander Storr (2nd generation owner)

The Presto Group has got more than 85 employees, focussing on flexibility, quality and sustainability for everyday tasks in a pleasant working atmosphere

We rely on our own raw material supply with renewable, natural raw materials such as raw bark, green waste compost and wood fibre.

We offer a quality-checked production network with regional producers for distribution in 19 European countries

Our peat-free products are a sign of environmental protection – together with the user groups it is an active contribution.

Presto Humus offers quality-certified and quality-tested products on a natural base – being gentle to humans and environment.

Production volume in 2019 more than 14.8 million bags.

Good to know…

Raw Materials
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Renewable & Regional

We focus on local and natural resources. The basics are green waste, raw bark and wood chips, obtained unprocessed from the point of origin. Our resource-saving process is unique, right from the start through finishing up to the final product.

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Efficient & service-oriented

Automated production, managing large quantities. Several production lines and various materials preparation technology are the reason for our effective and flexible operation during peak and off-season, enabling us also to respond flexibly and produce short-termed.

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Asap & ecologically-sensitive

It is a matter of course: Customer-oriented assignment of incoming orders to production sites. This interaction guarantees optimal delivery reliability and also flexibility even at seasonal peaks. A freight forwarding network and the fleet of Presto Biomasse GmbH & Co. KG ensure on-time delivery.

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Quality right from the start

All processes are controlled and checked in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2018, i.e. from procurement of raw materials up to supply of the final product. External inspections and controls are also carried out by third parties (like ABCert, GGS, BGK, TÜV Rheinland). Since several years we have been searching for peat-free alternatives.

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