Premium Soil for Grave Sites peat-free

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Premium peat-free Soil for grave - sites 20 l

High-quality, ready-to-use special soil for covering and planting grave sites. The special composition of Presto Humus “Premium Soil for Grave Sites” is of a particularly fine and dark-coloured structure. Advantage of the finely sieved and RAL quality-certified bark humus: It prevents from lumping and creates an aesthetically pleasing and dignified look of the grave site. A re-fertilization is recommended after 6-8 weeks.


Capacity: 20 l

Capacity: 20 l


peat-free guarantee

healthy plant growth due to peat-free ingredients

dark-coloured structure, sufficient sustenance of the roots by RAL quality-certified bark humus

provision of important nutrients by RAL quality-certified green waste compost

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