Raw materials

In-house production: Local & Resource-saving

It is nowadays a challenge for many companies to act at the same time environmentally conscious, in a regional as well as in an economically sensible way. A lasting raw material concept of Presto Humus successfully meets this challenge:

Basic raw material is fully obtained unprocessed from its point of origin. For example, bark is supplied in raw state from the sawmill, whereas wood chips sourced from the wood are basic for production of wood fibre. At Presto Humus green waste is professionally processed, i.e. being converted into finished RAL green compost. One significant advantage of our products is that a constant, long-lasting and reliable quality can be guaranteed.

Focus On Raw Materials

Through composting processes from green waste at our own composting plant – including sanitation and organic stabilization – a RAL-certified green compost is produced.


  • RAL-certified quality as made from pure green waste
  • increases microbial activity
  • improves nutrient and pH buffering

Unprocessed local softwood is shredded and split. After sifting the fine fraction is hot-fermented in heaps.


  • RAL-certified quality
  • increases structural stability
  • improves air flow
  • prevents against excessive soil wetness (water logging)

Wood chips made from local residual wood is both, a natural and renewable (as re-growing) resource. By mechanical fraying a high-quality wood fibre is produced.


  • large pores for improved air flow
  • improves root growth
  • optimized draining
  • resource-saving production

Cocopeat is a by-product from the processing of coconut shells.


  • high water & air capacity
  • low pH
  • sufficient pourability
  • high structural stability

Unprocessed domestic bark of spruce, fir, pine or maritime pine is shredded and split. Different sieves sizes are used and guarantee the fitting grain size.


  • RAL-certified quality
  • improves air flow
  • natural protection against erosion
  • frost protection, water balance

A porous rock of volcanic origin from local areas, that is mined, processed and used in its elemental shape.


  • increases structural stability
  • firm roots
  • sufficient water feed
  • improves air flow

Lava stone is originated in the region of inactive volcanoes. This solid rock undergoes different kinds of crushing and sieving processes in order to get handy grain sizes.


  • germination- and growth-enhancing
  • improves nutrient buffering
  • high/stable water permeability
  • improves air flow

Originated from natural resources. As soil conditioner, the fine grain size of 0.1 – 0.5 mm is added to substrate mixtures.


  • improves pourability
  • optimizes drainage effect
  • improves air flow

A silicate rock of volcanic origin (volcanic glass), extracted by open-cast mining. After shredding and splitting it is heated to over 1,000 °C in order to reach this special “popping” effect.


  • very high air flow
  • clean/inert
  • prevention against excessive soil wetness (water logging)
  • pH-neutral

Pure clay is extracted by surface mining. Through processing and splitting a granulate is produced for usage as an aggregate.


  • reduction of bad watering effects
  • increased crop safety
  • improved nutrient storage
  • improved water capacity

Our certifications, monitoring systems, awards

RAL quality label for plant substrates

No matter whether you take fine bark mulch, bark mulch medium or bark humus, they all carry the RAL quality label 250/1 for substrates and plants. This label is assigned by the Gütegemeinschaft Substrate für Pflanzen e.V. (GGS). All substrate raw materials continue to be under our strict quality control.

RAL Substrat

RAL quality label for compost

The raw material compost is an essential component for the plant substrates’ production. Finished compost from Presto Humus GmbH carries the RAL quality label for compost and meets the regulations of the Bundesgütegemeinschaft Kompost e.V. (= officially accepted organisation in the environmental service branch in Germany for quality assurance for fertilisers and soil improvers from recycling processes).


AB Cert

Eco-control authority in Germany, being responsible for certification of organic agriculture and farming. Our product range of organic substrates and soils are subject to control and certification of the ABCert AG.



All processes in our company are in compliance with the quality management standard EN ISO 9001. Presto Humus GmbH takes care of sustainable quality assurance and permanent process improvement.

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