Balcony tomatoes

Helpful instructions: Planting, caring & picking tomatoes …. on your balcony!

Extra tasty – of very special flavour – hand-picked: tomatoes grown on the balcony, in the greenhouse etc. Anyone who has ever tried, should be familiar with the unique advantages of harvesting with pleasure one’s own tomatoes. For a successful cultivation of balcony tomatoes or greenhouse tomatoes some points are to be considered. They have a higher nutritional requirement as belonging to consumption vegetable plants. In addition to a suitable location and a high-quality, peat-free tomato soil, it is recommended to gradually provide the soil with a natural fertilizer. These selective measures give a long-term support to the plants’ growth.

How tomatoes thrive & prosper on your balcony - get tips & tricks here

The ideal location

Tip – as sunny as possible
The perfect location – balcony facing south
If possible, the location should be sheltered from wind and rain, as unregulated moisture can lead to rotting and even burst spots on your tomatoes. During periods of heavy rain you should cover the plants with foil. As the plant tend to creep, the tub can be placed close to the wall, which also is a good protection against wind.

The right season

In general, it is advisable to leave the plants outdoors from mid-May, potted plants even earlier. In the case of cold spells simply cover them with fleece material.

The harvest season

A sufficient growth of your tomato plants is given, if fresh side shoots are removed, i.e. the plants should be pinched back regularly. Ripe tomatoes can be easily picked, consider doing it very carefully, any damage to the tomato skin should be avoided.

Cultivation of tomatoes on the balcony

Balcony tomatoes – perfect for beginners
They grow in planters, flower pots, also in raised beds. You should use a large pot as it gives the necessary space to the roots. In addition, a hole in the pot’s bottom is an important drain for the irrigation water.

Pot size (volume) 10-12 l:
for bush & cocktail tomatoes

Pot size (volume) 15-30 l:
for vine & beef tomatoes

Planting depth should be approx. 20 cm.
Furthermore, you should prepare climbing support, so that the plant gets enough stability during the growth phase and for a steady holding of the tomatoes’ themselves. During the growth phase, the balcony tomato plants should not be watered too often – whereas as later it should be done regularly. A suitable fertilizer on organic basis is recommended for fertilization.

Sowing with ORGANIC soil for tomato plants

Make sure, that you put tomato plants into the soil as deep as possible, that means the planter should be filled with a soil layer of 15 cm at least. Plant the seedling and press the soil firmly. Make sure, that there is enough space between the plants. Then should follow a rich dousing of the seedlings – but avoid waterlogging.

As balcony tomatoes are in the need of lots of nutrients, our tomato and organic soils contain green waste compost, also added are lava and clay as being growth-enhancing. Additionally, you can pre-fertilize with mixed horn shavings when sowing the seedlings.

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