Pro Planet – a collective responsibility

A company has to make its contribution to save biodiversity and life on earth. The focus should be on conservation and saving resources as well as on reducing CO2 emissions in order to sustainably protect our environment.

This is our vision, has top priority and is one of our long-term objectives. Since several years we have been researching in the field of “peat-free” products, enabling us to produce any soil or substrate “green”, i.e. in an ecologically sensitive manner. Our peat alternatives are naturally renewable raw materials based on local added value. This is a mutual contribution – together with our clients – to environment and climate protection.

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Carbon Footprint

We are actively working on our CO2 balance. In cooperation with KlimAktiv we developed a comparable climate protection footprint. For this, a composition of a peaty soil and a peat-free product was analysed concerning its CO2 content. According to these and further findings a clear result has been given: Peat-free soils cause up to 78% less CO2!

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Our sustainable contribution to the future

  • Peat-free products for engaged climate and environmental protection
  • Taking advantage of renewable resources through local sourcing / short distances
  • Photovoltaic roof system of 160 kWp power
  • Our motor pool (such as wheel loaders, forklifts, mobile shredders and sieving plants) is fuel-efficient according to best available technology
  • Integrated/built-in sieving and ground-batching plant for less CO2emission, recently installed production line
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