Let's do it peat-free

For active climate and nature protection

Gardening – environmentally aware & sound

Let’s protect our environment!
Doing without peat as raw material and using peat-free products for gardening avoids CO2, it is an engaged and active plus for climate and nature.

Natural & Sustainable

We take advantage of regional and pure, i.e. unprocessed, resources. Furthermore, we support ecological sense at the time when producing our soils and substrates – in the medium-sized enterprise sector, in a most pleasant way and that for over 40 years.

It is a matter of soil

Our soils are ORGANIC & peat-free – we do our bit!

Constant quality check, also by external eco-control authorities (ABCert)

The packaging consists of 50 resp. 80% recycled material

Our peat-free products contain purely natural material

We use renewable & regional raw materials

Our peat-free soils are suitable for organic farming

The entire assortment

includes natural products for both hobby gardeners and the commercial horticulture. Part of our product range are high-quality peat-free and peat-reduced soils, plant substrates, different barks and decorative material.

We appreciate the experience of our customers, a valuable input for the development of many of our products. Presto Humus offers sufficient and fitting solutions for many different applications concerning gardening and plant-growing. We are also producer of dealer’s brands for garden centres, building trade and the retails sector.

abcert-farbig 50% Recycling Anteil

Our ORGANIC products are tested by
ABCert (eco-control institution)

Our newly developed
packaging consists
of 50 resp. 80%
recycled material.


Further topics:

Our core values

  • are focussing on instinctiveness & naturalness

    This does not just apply to the choice and use of the raw materials. “Living naturalness“ does also mean “being human“. By doing our business we are always keen on doing it in a pleasant atmosphere, we emphasise on clear communication & partnership and a fair cooperation.

  • are living sustainability

    The future of human beings, nature and climate is near and dear to us. We take advantage of local renewable raw materials, short transport distances, solar power and “green” electricity. Our products are pioneering for a careful and gentle use of our resources. That is practicing sustainability, all in all.

  • are claiming quality as standard

    A uniform idea and definition of quality is a matter of course to us. Any processes are subject to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001:2018, including constant checking and external quality assurance by inspection authorities.

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