Flowers & Plants

A magnificent sea of flowers

Flowers and plants – either inside or in garden – make live colorful, they have a significant and positive effect on our well-being. Many plants can even filter pollutants from the air, which is a considerable improvement of the indoor climate. To make sure the plants are healthy, it is important to fully meet their needs. In addition to light, air and water, the soil (= plant substrate), is fundamental for a healthy growth – i.e. resistant roots, adequate supply and enrichment of nutrients as well as soil aeration.

A healthy plants’ growth requires a regular re-potting for sufficient development of the roots and a fresh, resistant budding of leaves and blossoms.

Spring is the best season for re-potting.

The new pot should be larger (3-4 cm) than the current one used. With pumice or lava a simple draining (1-2 cm) should be created on the bottom of the pot. First put in some soil, then should follow the plant and finally fill the whole pot with soil. Press the soil firmly and water the plant sufficiently. Let drain off any excess water and put back the plant to its required location.
After 4-6 weeks you can make out the fresh growth, which you can support by regular fertilizing.

Product recommendations for flowers and plants

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